Kid 101- Encouraging Self Esteem in Kids

Encouraging self esteem in kids is something near and dear to my heart. I don’t know if it because my kids make my world go ’round or I fear what they might possibly face as they get older. Whatever it is I want them to have the strongest self esteem possible. Raising them in the world today scares me to death. As their mom, I feel like it is my responsibility to raise them and teach them to love themselves, in a world that is constantly preaching to them the exact opposite.


I want my children to know it’s okay to be exactly who they are. I want them to be proud of themselves. I think about this a lot, I don’t want them to have to go down the rocky road I have gone down. I had to learn to love myself through heartache and struggle. I had to learn to cultivate that love, I had to fight to find love for myself.  I don’t have regrets from what I have gone through because of what I learned, but of course I want to save my children the struggle, heartache and pain that I went through.

I believe while children are young they’re able to really absorb life lessons and apply them instead of having to learn it all firsthand later on in life. I also believe they can learn these life lessons in a fun way, instead of heartache and struggle. So I took this week to reflect on my children and what we do or need to do to make them feel important. I came up with 3 ways to instill self esteem or self love in your child at a young age.

Help Your Children See Their Strengths

What are your kiddos strengths? Celebrate those strengths. We all have something we are good at. For some of us our strengths aren’t as obvious as others. If your child’s strength isn’t as obvious or it’s something they don’t see as a strength point out times that they use that strength. Help them see how wonderful they are.

Teach Them Service

When we are serving others we can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy. Serving others, whether it is with your time or with material things, brings a connection between you and who you are serving. Serving others can help you realize the people you are serving are important and by serving you feel important too.

Make Them Feel Important

Put away your phone. Turn off the TV. Put your work on hold. When your child wants to talk to you make sure your attention is on them. Eye contact and a genuine interest in what they are saying can go a long, long way! If the phone, the football game or next project due are what have your attention while you fake listening your children will cue into it and feel like those things are more important than what they have to say.

Words can have a huge impact on your child. What parents say to their children becomes their inner voice. Make sure your words reflect love and kindness. Say “I love you” anytime you can. Make sure those sweet kiddos know they are loved.

As I have said before, I am not an expert. I don’t have a degree in Psychology. I just speak from experience. Go give these simple ideas a try. Then do them over and over again and watch your kids flourish.




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  1. You are an amazing mother and women! I am So proud of you. Being your mother is a JOY! There is one thing though I’ve learned in my mothering experiences- you can’t stop the struggle and rocky roads for your children- it is why we are all here as brilliant spirit children sent from our perfect Heavenly parents to novice flawed parents in a fallen world. We are to learn from our experiences to choose good over evil. I agree we have to be our childrens best cheerleader, example, and teacher. Then we have to trust in The Savior as they learn for themselves; and that’s the hardest thing for a mommy to do. I enjoy your posts! And I Love All of who you are!

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