Legacy of Love

This weekend workshop is to REMEMBER the  LEGACY of LOVE that has been passed on to you through the generations.

weekend workshop - legacy of love


What are your Legacies?

When you think of the legacies passed down from generation to generation what comes to mind?

Let’s make a list: homemade rolls, songs and games traveling in the car, camping, beautiful hand crocheted blankets, family prayer, books, birthday cards with crisp bills, garden tomatoes, or maybe  Christmas eve dinner.

What about the lessons we’ve learned and the values that come from those legacies?

Making others feel welcome, humor, the value of an education, hard work, comforting the sick, gathering to laugh and eat yummy food, an adventurous spirit, and what it means to have faith in Jesus Christ.

The question for this workshop is:

What legacy of love do you want to be remembered by and to pass on to the next generations?

4 girls legacy

Let’s have fun with this workshop! See the beautiful and loving legacies left to you and please look beyond any troubled or broken ones. There is always some silver lining and love in every family line. Here’s a few ‘LEGACY OF LOVE’ options so you can make this challenge your own…

Time Traveling

Use your journal to write a letter of gratitude to your past generations and let them know what you’re doing to remember them. Or write to your future generations about this legacy that brings such joy and love into your life and how you hope they will continue to shape and create it as their own. Rich memories, names, places, and traditions, if not recorded, will be lost in time.


Living the Legacy

What tradition or legacy came to mind when I asked you to list those that brought you joy? This Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect time to honor these memories and bring them to life! I’m going to plant my garden; one of the first jobs I remember having as a child was watering the garden. I’m also going to make my grandma’s yummy carrot cake and gather around the kitchen table and share some memories and laughter with loved ones. If you’re feeling really ambitious, take a generational picture with your mom, someday it will be priceless- I promise.

4 generation legacy picture

This photo of four generations beautifully captures a legacy of love.  This is my friend Carol Morgan and her daughter Ellison Green and her daughter Morgan Anne Parkinson and her daughter Ellison.  Carol has a gift for passing on traditions and remembrances of her ancestors to her family. She started a family ski trip to Targhee in 1966, the year the resort opened. Her family was young and just beginning and this legacy is still going strong. This year at the age of 91 she skied all 3 days and was the last one off the hill. Not very many people can say they skied with their great grandma.

Do Some Digging

What are your roots? Where did your love for adventure come from? Or where did the family bread recipe begin? My first digging into my family roots experience was a genealogy library in Nauvoo, Illinois. Wow was I ever surprised to discover a rich ancestry of faith, strong willed pioneers and missionaries.

Begin searching into some great ancestry sites like Family Search on lds.org, or drop into your local Family History Center. There’s a really fun one on Park City Main Street called The Park City Family Tree Center. No need to fear if it’s all new to you because there will be lots of sweet computer gurus there to help you. I discovered my 4th Great Grandma Betty became the “doctor woman” of the community, riding horseback all hours to help the sick with her homemade remedies and herbs.

family roots legacy

Our hope in doing this workshop is that you will remember the legacy of love in your life and with gratitude, pass it along! Also, realize that for the positive or negative you will leave a legacy. If you want it to live on and be remembered you have to do something about that, it’s a choice. I’m choosing to pass on a rich LEGACY of LOVE.. (and hopefully the sense of adventure). It’s never too late to begin.

.dandelion legacy


Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrate the women who gave  you life!





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