We Are ENOUGH. . . Aren’t We?


The scale says I am overweight. My pant size says I am too big. The medical field calls me obese. By societies standards I am not skinny enough. BUT I CALL BULL CRAP! I say I am healthy. My brain tells me I am active and in shape and my reflection in the mirror says I am beautiful and I AM ENOUGH! I determine my worth, not you!

Your probably wondering WHOA! Where did that come from? Well, I had an ah-ha moment over a month ago that I have been reflecting on and I want to share it with you.

girl smiling. she is enough



Over the past few months I have had many conversations with people about “life” and the challenges I have faced over the last 2 years. I have had some of these people give me advice on what to do with my life. Some have told me that all I needed to do was a juice cleanse and then all my anxiety and problems would go away. (Shoot girl, I would live off of juice if it made all my problems go away). Others have said things like, “Sarah, you have been dealing with one thing after another for 2 years now, it’s time to be done with it”. Or how about this one,  “Sarah, you have weight to lose”, or my favorite line, “Sarah, you haven’t been comfortable in your own skin for years now. So it’s now time to lose weight and move forward”. {insert jaw drop here}

One conversation I had recently stung more than most and after it was over I cried! I cried because of how she made me feel.  I cried because I have been working so hard to be OK with my weight and the things I have gone through the last 2 years. But mostly, I cried because I wished I was different. I was left with a feeling of worthlessness, that I had somehow let her down by having unwanted weight and unwanted problems. I found myself listing all the things I wanted to change about myself, and my life. I was in a spiral of all things I AM NOT.

I am not healthy

I am not strong

I am not in shape

I am not skinny

I am not enough

This list went on and on …

Girl that is enough


My pity party went on for a few hours until I asked myself these questions: Where does my worth come from? Who is she to determine how I feel about myself? Who is she to determine my worth?

I learned a valuable lesson that day, one that I have been reflecting on daily since.  I learned my worth isn’t decided by others. My worth was decided long ago by a loving Heavenly Father. He knows of my struggles, flaws, and imperfections and yet here I am still loved by Him who created me. I also learned that outside voices or influences can’t determine if I am enough, only I can determine that!

I am healthy 

I am strong

I am in shape 


Do I have unwanted weight to lose? SURE! Do I still have anxiety? You betcha! Do my family and I still face problems? Of course! Do I let these things determine how awesome I am? No Way!


So what about you? Do you know your worth? Do you let what others think of you determine if your enough? Do you let others hurtful words shake your knowledge of who you truly are?

What people think of you is their right and their own business but it cannot, I repeat, it CANNOT influence your worth!

Christie Gardiner, the author of You Are The Mother Your Children Need says it best:

. . . Enough people have, are and will tear you down. Don’t let yourself be one of them.

If I could shout “YOU ARE ENOUGH!!” from the rooftops I would. and I would do it daily! We as woman need to start believing that no matter what others say about us, what crappy advice people give us or what society tells us… WE ARE ENOUGH!

girl reflecting she is enough

So, if you are doing what I did and throwing yourself a pity party, I challenge you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and GO SHOW THEM THAT ONLY YOU DETERMINE THAT YOU ARE ENOUGH!

. . . and then let’s make sure we are thinking the best of everyone around us. Please remember, you don’t know what motivates a person, hurts a person or sets a person’s soul on fire. So until we have special vision goggles that can see into a persons heart, let’s assume the best of each other and try to love each other a little better! And above all, let’s remember WE are enough!















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  1. Heather Bateman says:

    Sarah, I love you and think you are INCREDIBLE!!! This blog is so inspirational for me, and even if you stopped writing today the things that you have already written have made an impact on me for good!

  2. Melissa Burton says:

    This was a great article. I think it is awesome you put yourself out there and share your story and experience with others. It was very inspirational and was helpful to me. Thanks for sharing. You are beautiful inside and out!!
    Best of luck to you and your family!!
    Love Melissa Burton

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