What Makes You Uniquely You?

What makes you uniquely you?

Do you ever wonder what’s in your DNA from your ancestors? Not just where do you get your blue eyes or red hair from. But, what about qualities like tenacity, humor, intelligence or talents? What about our mental health issues? Can those things be pasted down through our DNA?  What’s your ancestors stories and how does that show up in your life?

3 crazy Things Real People Have Found in Their Family Trees.

The girl with the tattooed face

Today’s Real Life Wednesday features our ancestors and their voices and lessons from the past. I discovered a real fun and interesting blog at ancestry.com where the past can come to life so to speak. It’s a great place to begin a treasure hunt of your ancestors.

Meet Olivia Oatman the girl with the tattooed face. I marveled at her story and wonder about her posterity. Do they have her resilience? Olive Oatman and her younger sister, Mary Ann, were kidnapped by Indians in 1851 where they were both tattooed with distinctive blue markings on their chins. Her story will put your problems into perspective.

Meet Georgiana Leavitt Karren

ancestor - grandma

Meet Georgiana Leavitt Karren my Great Grandma. This photo faces me at my desk where I study. I get the sense that she’s watching out for me. I often wonder what of her DNA is in me? I’ve been told she was a women of great faith. She raised 13 children on a farm while most of those years great grandpa was either a missionary or the bishop. Keep in mind this was during wartime and the great depression. Her life wasn’t easy. My dad would tell me stories about her delicious cooking, love of life and kind giving heart. I’ve imagined at times when feeling low, her embrace and then a “get up” and do something about it whispered in my ear. There’s also something inside of me that wants to live her legacy and doesn’t want to let her down.

group of ancestors

How does that old saying go?

“Our families are like a fruitcake,

it would not be complete without a few nuts.”

That unfortunately is true as well which it only goes to figure a few of their quirks and crazy qualities will show up in us as well. Do you know your story? Is it time to do some digging into your roots? Possibly find healing and strength from your ancestors?

Who knows maybe there’s a pirate in your DNA!




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